Rules and Regulations
As an approved vendor, we are mandated to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
All allowable items are included in the shopping pages based on the approval of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  Inmates are not permitted to purchase packages for themselves or for other inmates.  If you have any questions about ordering, please contact our customer service department by e-mailing us at
Important Package Regulations:
Summer Package Program
Weight Limit:  There is no weight limit on packages.
Package Limit:  There is no limit on packages.
Dollar Value Limit:  There is a minimum $15 and maximum $150 value allowed per inmate per order.  Multiple packages can be ordered for each inmate in which the combined total cannot exceed the $150 maximum dollar value.
Important Information:  All inmates are eligible to receive a package except those on Restriction, Restrictive Housing, and Extended Restrictive Housing. Inmates housed on Death Row are eligible to place and receive orders. An Inmate’s ability to receive an order will be verified before orders are shipped. Package privileges are subject to change without notice..
Ordering Information: FAMILY & FRIENDS – Orders accepted May 3 - June 4, 2021.  All orders must be received by Union Supply Direct by Friday, June 4th.  Orders received after this date will not be processed.
Shipping: $6.95 shipping on all other orders.
Sales Tax: All product is taxable in Arkansas.  Candy is not considered food and is taxable at the higher rate listed on the order form. Sales tax is subject to change. To see the tax rates, click here.
Payment: We accept major credit / debit cards and Prepaid Cards with Visa/MasterCard logos. DO NOT DISCARD prepaid debit cards in case of a refund or a return. Refunds will not be available if the prepaid payment card is no longer available.  The following forms of payments are not accepted: Green Dot, Cash App, Apple Pay.
Damaged and Missing Product:  The inmate will be given an opportunity to inventory the contents of the package in the presence of an employee from the facility.  The facility employee will verify the discrepancy and report all discrepancies to Union Supply. Discrepancies must be reported at the time of package receipt.
Union Supply is not responsible for any items ordered in error. 
Returns / exchanges must be made within 30 days of delivery.  Any requests made after this date will not be honored.  All discrepancies will be corrected by Union Supply Group with replacement of product or reimbursement of funds.  
Delivery Information: Per the Arkansas Department of Corrections, all packages will be shipped at the end of the order taking period.
Product:  If an item is discontinued by the manufacturer, out of stock for any reason, or is restricted by your facility, we will substitute with an item of equal or greater value.
Refunds and Cancelations:  Please Note: All credit card order cancelation notifications are sent via email to the customer. Please ensure to check your spam folders prior to the ordering period ending. Please whitelist to avoid any emails from Union Supply going to your spam folder.